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My Story

Hello. My name is Penelope Susan Wilson, but everyone calls me Penny for short. I don't like to boast, by I think I'm the prettiest and smartest doggy in the whole world.

I was born on November 10, 1999. Although I look like a black labrador, I'm actually half labrador, half beagle. (I think that makes me a pure-bred "Beaglador" or "Labradeagle.")  When I was a few months old, I was adopted by a dog-rescue group called AARF in Richmond, Virginia.  (Click on this link to visit AARF -- it's a great organization!)  AARF found me some foster parents who took care of me until a new family could adopt me permanently.

I met my parents outside a supermarket in Richmond just after my first birthday. Every weekend, AARF brings the dogs it is trying to find homes for to malls around Richmond, and I found my parents outside a Ukrops store when they took me for a walk.  A week later, I moved into my new house in Charlottesville.

I'm very happy here in my new home.  I have my own little crate (my den) in the kitchen, and I have 2 beds -- one in the bedroom and another upstairs in the study. I also usually get the couch to myself. Most of the time, I take naps inside, but sometimes I play "fetch the tennis ball" with my parents and sometimes we play tug of war.  It's a lot of fun.  I get to go on lots of walks with my parents, and luckily, there is a park nearby where we can hunt squirrels and deer.  I also like to go on runs with my mom.


My School

I finished beginning and advanced obedience classes because my parents think that I do some naughty things sometimes. (Go figure!) Personally, I think it's fine to jump on people and knock them over, but my parents don't agree. (Humans!)  They enrolled me in clicker training classes, which I didn't like very much. Yes, I HEAR the click, but I choose to ignore it.  (Follow this link for information on clicker training -- it's a great way to teach stupid doggies how to behave.)  Then I took classes at Caring for Creatures.  I loved Professor Cheryl. I'm really good in class because I get treats every time I do something right -- WHAT A GREAT CLASS!! 


My Hobbies

Even though one of my favorite activities is sleeping in the sun, I do my best to keep active. I like to play fetch with a tennis ball, and I like to chew up cardboard boxes, paper napkins, and rawhide bones. One of my favorite pastimes is playing tug of war with Daddy's socks.  When I'm outside, I like to hunt squirrels and rabbits.  I'm really pretty good at it ---- if it weren't for Mom and Dad, I'd have caught one by now!


My Career Goals

Now that I have graduated from school, I need to start thinking about my future. When we move to Texas, I plan to start agility training; the Olympics aren't that far away!  I like to run through tunnels and jump over things, so I think I'll be pretty good at it. 


My Gallery

To see some pictures of me doing my favorite things, please check out my galleries!