Welcome to the new home page for Jill, Chris, and Penny. We've put together a web-site describing our family, our activities, our interests, and our home here in Charlottesville. Although these pages are still under construction, we invite you to look around.  HAVE FUN!

We live in Charlottesville, Virginia, a short hop from Thomas Jefferson's mountaintop home at Monticello.  We've tried to make our home page reflect our beautiful surroundings.  Click here to see some photos of our home.

Who's Who:


Jill is currently working on her Master's Degree in Human Resources at George Washington University.  She'll be done with all of her coursework in December, and she will graduate next May.  She is working as a recruiter at Southern Teacher's Agency.  In her free time she likes to run.  She has run 2 marathons and lots of shorter races. Click here to go to Jill's Journal


Chris is currently in his last year of school at the University of Virginia School of Law, and he can't wait to graduate!  Unfortunately, his work on the Virginia Law Review takes up, quite literally, every spare minute of his time, but in those rare instances when he has a few seconds to himself, he likes to sleep. He also likes to play tennis and take his puppy dog on walks.  Click here to go to Chris's Corner


Penny (the puppy dog) has successfully completed several obedience classes, where she has distinguished herself as a true star among mutts.  In fact, she is so innately talented that one of her instructors asked her to be a "demonstration dog" at a local dog adoption fair, and she has often been called the "smartest little doggy in the whole world" by friends and admirers alike. She knows how to sit, stay, speak, lie down, roll over, and (sometimes) come when called. She spends her days napping and keeping an eye on the house. In her spare time, she likes to sleep in the sun, chase squirrels, and beg for food.  Click here to go to Penny's Page

What's New:

We've finally updated our site! We've added some new photos, and revised some of the content on the page. We've also added some information about our impending move to Texas!

Feel free to take  a look around. 

Thanks for visiting